About Achanakmar Tiger Reserve

A visit to the Tiger Reserve assures to be a very mesmerizing experience of Maikal range. Discover the dense lush green Sal and bamboo forests and take delight in wild life viewing. Achanakmar Tiger Reserve is situated in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh. Even a short trek through this park easily reveals its extraordinary beauty and biodiversity, The most favorable time to visit Tiger Reserve is from the month of November to the month of June.

What to See in Achanakmar Tiger Reserve


Wild fauna includes the tiger, leopard, bison, flying squirrel, Indian giant squirrel, chinkara, wild dog, hyena, sambar, chital and over 150 species of birds.

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Sal, bija, saja, haldu, teak, tinsa, dhawara, lendia, khamar and bamboo bloom here along with over 600 species of medicinal plants much larger Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve.

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