About MadkuDweep

Madku Dweep is an island of great natural beauty marked by lush verdure and splendid waterfalls. Ruins of temples, epigraphs, coins and pottery from ancient times have been unearthed here. The ancient art found here reveals highly skilled workmanship.

What to See in MadkuDweep


Extensive excavations have been carried out at Madku Dweep and beautiful idol art has been unearthed. A total of 19 temples have been excavated of which one faces the west while 18 others face the east. It is believed that flooding of the river resulted in the destruction of this ancient site.

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Pilgrimage Places

Madhku Dweep is famous for historic findings of reveed detie. These include – Shivalingas, Nandi, Ganesha, Amalak and many more Gods.

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The vibrant and festival celebrated here provide utmost spiritual peace and serenity to all tourists and visitors.

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