About Rajim

Rajim is famous for its rich cultural heritage and the beautiful ancient temples. The holy confluence of three rivers Mahanadi (Chitrotpala), Pairi and Sondur, called Triveni Sangam is at Rajim. Rajim is also known as the “Prayag” of the Chhattisgarh. Every year sages from all across the country reach the Kumbh mela which begins from Maagh poornima and lasts till Mahashivratri.

What to See in Rajim

Rajiv-Lochan Temple

The temple structure is supported by twelve towered columns embroidered with stone carvings, which bear the faces of the various gods of the Hindu mythology. The temple is a significant religious construct visited by devotees from all over the globe who arrive to offer their prayers to the Lord Vishnu.

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Rajeshvar Temple

This east facing temple is located opposite to the western entrance of Rajiv-Lochan temple. Like Rajiv-Lochan and other temples in Chhattisgarh, this temple is also constructed over a Jagati which is 2 feet 8 inches high. The temple is constituted of a Mandapa, antarala and garbha-griha. The mandapa, 23 feet by 18 feet, is supported on two rows of pillars and a row of pilaster on either side. Ganga and ...

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Daneshvar Temple

It Shiva temple is situated very close to Rajeshvar temple on south. This temple is also built on a jagati and consists of a mandapa, antarala, Nandi-mandapa and a garbha-griha. Nandi-mandapa is not seen in any other temple at Rajim.

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Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple is near northern entrance of Rajiv-Lochan temple. There is a wooden image of Jagannath in its sanctum. Tradition says that originally there used to be a community of castes here, all eating together without distinction similar to Jagannath Temple. Then the Lord Rajiv Lochan appeared once in a dream of a priest and asked him to discontinue this as his pilgrims are no more going to Jagannath as they ...

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Kuleshvar Temple

This Shiva temple is situated on an island formed by Pairi and Mahanadi rivers. Like all other temples of the site, this temple is also constructed upon a jagati (paltform) which is 17 feet high. However this jagati is octagonal instead of regular rectangular shape as seen in other temples.  The temple is consisted of a sanctum and Mandapa. Mandapa, 26 feet long, is supported on two rows of pillars and ...

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Ramachandra Temple

This temple is built about 400 years back by Govind Lal, a banker and merchant from Raipur. It is said that it has been built by material brought from ruins from temples of Sirpur. Many pillars have life size statues as seen at Rajiv Lochan temple. Two pilasters depict statue of Ganga which suggests that these were probably brought from two different temple ruins as we have never seen any ...

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Other Temples

There are many temples at Rajim however these all are of not much architectural interest. Rajib Telin Temple is located west of Rajeshvar temple and has a sati stone like structure inside the sanctum. Two temples, Pancheshvar Mahadev and Bhuteshvar Mahadeva, stand side by side near the river bank. Someshvar Mahadev, a recent temple on the site of an ancient temple, is situated little away from the river in residential ...

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