About Ratanpur

One of the most religiously-celebrated, architecturally superb and culturally rich temple of south-east India: Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir, Ratanpur. From many decades since, the temple and the town of Ratanpur have attracted the attention of scores of historians and archeologists.

What to See in Ratanpur

Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir

Built on the Nagar school of architecture, the temple is surrounded by a 18 inch thick boundary wall. Supported by sixteen stone columns, the temple is believed to be built around 12th century AD. Many of the statues and motifs used in the temple have been taken from rundown or broken temples of earlier centuries, some of them were Jain temples.

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Shri Mahalaxmi Devi Temple

The Ekbira hill. on the Ratanpur-Kola highway is capped by the Mahalaxmi Temple built by Gangadhar, the prime minister of King Ratnadev. Locals often refer to this temple as the Lakhni Devi Temple. On the occasion of Navratri, Sorghum (Jowar) seeds are sown and the Goddess is honoured with holy chants and flowers.

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Shri Kaal Bhairava Temple

The temple has around 3 km away from Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir towards Bilaspur. The temple is dedicated to Kaal Bhairava,. A 9 feet high status made of stone can be found here. Being a ‘Kumarl Shaktipeeth' it was also famous as a centre for learning various chants and rituals. The Shri Kaal Bhairava Temple was built by Baba Gyangiri.

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Juna Shahar and Badal Mahal

Just a little away from the Lakhni Devi Temple there is a small hamlet called the Juna Shahar. King Fla] Singh had named itas Raipur long ago. He had also built the Badal Mahal for his beloved wile, Oueen Kajra Devi. An extremely creative example of the Kalchuri Kalln period, this palace was also called as the Satkhanda Mahal as it had 7 floors. Today only two floors of the ...

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Shri Khandoba Temple

This striking temple was built by Maratha Ruler Bimbaji Bhonsle’s wife in the memory of her nephew Khandoji. Idols of Lord Shiva and an ‘Ashvarohl idol of Goddess Bhavani are kept in this temple. There was a demon called Mani-Malta, and Lord Shiva in his Martanda Bhairava Avatar had killed him on top of the Sahyadri Mountain. Right behind the temple an ancient and huge pond called the ‘DulaharaTa| aab‘ ...

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Hathi Kila

Resting in its magnificent historic splendour is King Prithvidev's Hathi Kila. This fort is surrounded from all four sides by deep valleys, the fort is known as artistic sculptures and engravings. Moving on, you will find the Jaggannath Temple that was built by King Kalyan Saai. Idols of God Jaggannath, Devi Subhadra and Balbhadra are installed in the Jaggannath Temple. One cannot miss the beautiful effigies of Goddess Annapuma and ...

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Hazrat Musa Khan Baba Dargah

High up on the Juna Sehai mountain is the ancient Daigah, where pilgrims flock in many to pray in peace.

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