About Sirpur

Sirpur has a rich background of traditional cultural heritage and architecture. The archaeological remains are still a pride for this region. The Buddha Viharas in Sirpur are older than Nalanda. The town of sirpur has been mentioned in ancient epigraphic records, dating back to the 5th to the 8th centuries A.D.

Drained by the pristine waters of the Mahanadi and facing the Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary on the Northeast, Sirpur is a small town, 84 kms from the capital, Raipur. Moving along from Raipur, one reaches Arang, from where one goes to Tumgaon. A road from here leads northwards, to Sirpur.

It is an enriching experience to see how life goes on in these quiet villages, without getting affected by the hustle – bustle of the outside world.

What to See in Sirpur

Laxman Temple

Laxman temple started out as a structure dedicated to Vishnu. It is believed to have been commissioned by Queen Vasata in the honor of her husband King Harshagupta of the Somavanashi /Pandu dynasty that once held sway over Dakshin Kosala. Surrounded by neat, verdurous grounds, this small but exceptional brick temple is in relatively good shape and considered an archeological watershed. The premises of the 7th – century temple play host ...

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Gandheshwar Temple

The historic name of this temple was Gandheshwar. Situated on the bank of Mahanadi, this Shiva temple was built through the architectural remains of ancient temples and vihars. Although the temple is not basically known for its architecture, yet the collection of different historic remains are quite artistic. The statue of Buddha touching the earth, Natraj, Shiv, Garud Narayan, Mahisasur Mardini is the rare ones in the premises. There are ...

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Surang Tila

The impossible to miss temple reflects a style of its own. A gobsmacking 8m-high white edifice edged on three sides by a number of tiny shrines. Surang Tila is reached by a flight of over 30 long perilous stone steps. Four of the shrines are home to lingams and to Ganesha.

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Buddha Vihar

Sirpur is known for its Buddha Vihar built through historic remains. The excavation also unearthed the remains made-up of bricks, having underground rooms. They have a tone blend of Gupta dynasty temple and residential building. There are mainly residential rooms, meditation room and study rooms and a six feet tall statue of Buddha touching the earth is installed inside the vihar. The place is also known as the meeting point ...

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Ram Temple

This broken and shattered temple is close to the Laxman temple. The top of the Ram temple has a star-like projection through vertical angles and arms. The temple has no pinnacle at the moment; still its artistic appeal can be experienced. These two temples have a gap of several decades in their construction, according to the records available.

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The Archaeological Survey of India has established a museum in the Laxman temple premises, where some of the rare statues collected in sirpur have been kept along with several others Architectural memories. These pieces are related to Shiva, Vaishnav, Buddha and Jain religion.

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