About Tala

Tala is the pride of Chhattisgarh as far as sculptural tourism and archaeological importance is concerned. The sculpture art of Tala is par excellence. Its unmatched beauty attracts many a travelers to Chhattisgarh.

Tourist Location in Tala

Rare Rudra Shiva Sculpture

The famous excavations at the Devrani temple during the year 1967-88 have revealed an extremely unique sculpture of Lord Shiva. The 'Rudra' image of Lord Shiva gives us a glimpse into different shades of the Lord's personality. Belonging to the Shiva religion, this unique statue of Shiva is crafted using different creatures. The height of this Rudra Shiva sculpture is 254m and its width is 1m.

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Devrani – Jethani Temple

The Jethani Temple is in a dilapidated state. Famous as Shiva Temples, they flaunt excellent carving work and pillars. The base of the Jethani Temple flaunts a beautiful 'Chandrashila' at the entrance. The temple consists of the Garbha Griha, the Ardha Mandapa and the Antraal. Huge elephant statues guard the sides of the internal chambers, adding more royalty to the mystic ambience. Tala is a land enriched with beautiful sculptures ...

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