Top 5 favourites of the Raipurians Raipurites

Raipur the capital city of Chhattisgarh with its budding Eatery Joints has exquisite cuisines to offer
for every food lovers travelling to the city. So here are the five places to eat in Raipur, You just can’t
miss to dine out at these top five favourites of the Raipurians / raipurites (whatever you prefer):-

1. Café Junoon

This little café is situated at Katora Talab and when we say” little” it’s not because of the
space constraints but because of the fact that no matter how much the owners expand the
dining area it always falls short for the crowd waiting out there for their tables… Yes, the
café Junoon has some staunch lovers who are all okay with hours of waiting time! And that
speaks for itself that the food out here is all worth the wait! Though the Junoon’s Cold
Coffee is the star You can’t afford to miss that! Once you eat here, it’s the place where you
always wish to be!!

2. Nukkad, the Teafe (Samta Colony)

Teafe cause Café is too mainstream! Not exactly, Nukkad stands out for several reasons,
one, If you are a tea lover this place is all worth visiting, they have some real cool tea
variants in the menu! Two, Nukkad has its own philosophy, in the generation of Fb friends
and social media it prods you to value the people around, to disconnect from the virtual
world and to be all there with your loved ones! Yess they offer you attractive discounts if
you submit your cell phones!! Three, the mesmerising interiors and the positive vibe! And
last but not the least, in fact the best part- the owner has a social objective, here you have
the deaf and dumb people assisting and serving you! And it’s heartwarming to see them all
high on enthusiasm and confidence and a sense of self-worth!

3. Cafe9

This Shankar Nagar situated Café is popular with the Youth for its Insta worth! And that’s just
cherry on the Cake, the food here is a treat for the taste buds, there is this Broadway vibe in
the interiors of the café and the musical ambience adds to its Hip outlook.

4. Ande ka Adda

All the eggetarians this is the place to head to satisfy your hunger and egg cravings when you
are in Raipur. Look up at the ceiling and you’ll find more eggs, don’t worry they won’t fall on
you, So egg lovers it’s just to treat your egg loving eyes! The menu is a perfect and well-
thought combination of popular and new recipes of eggs! You would love to savour them

5. Mocha (VIP Road)

The elite café in the town! Hookah lovers the city won’t disappoint you too! So this café
with an uber cool ambience and delicious food mesmerises you and you leave with an
advance plan for your next visit here!!

Tag: Top 5 favourites of the Raipurians Raipurites

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